I am so out of my league here at this site but bare with me as I am new to Bourbon. Anyone here know of Daniel Stewart 12 year (Daniel Stewart Distillery). I have a cigar bar in Tokyo and I swear that this is the best (although many are great) Bourbon to enjoy with a cigar. The Aroma is a pwerful sweetness with HUGE carmel overtones. It's first tastes are also sweet then the proof of the Bourbon kicks in (107 proof). A solid spicyness along with an alcoholic carmelness provides for a long finish. Every customer in my bar (Japanese and non) is on this stuff. I've sold 8 bottles of this stuff in 2 months (4 just by the bottle!!). Tried it on the rocks once though and it tuned into a carmel sundae...yuck. Anyway is this another only for export Bourbon (Old St. Nicks) or is it available in the states? Thanks again to everyone!!!