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    Re: Sam Adams Now the Largest American Owned brewery!

    The current Pabst Brewing Company adopted the name after the bought the brand. They already had already swallowed several breweries. They switched to the more famous name when they bought the brand, as Nations Bank did when they bought Bank of America, and SBC did when they bought AT&T. Well, something like that. As noted previously, they don't actually brew any beer now, not that there's anything wrong with that.

    I'm still a huge fan of Sierra Nevada, although I admit that my taste and preferences have moved away from their beer a bit. I like bolder, hoppier beers, and I try to buy as locally as possible. SNPA still my go-to when I am faced with limited options.

    Even though they are a big brewer (fourth largest in the country), they still just have the one facility. Their tour, unlike tours of other big breweries, is all about the beer. They continue to experiment with new beers, although few of those leave northern California, and a few never leave Chico.

    When I visited a couple of years ago my sampler at the restaurant/bar was eighteen different beers.

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    Re: Sam Adams Now the Largest American Owned brewery!

    Has anyone tried the new Schlitz? Apparently they've relaunched it using the 60's formula. It has yet to hit shelves in New York.
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    Re: Sam Adams Now the Largest American Owned brewery!

    I've seen old brands Schlitz, Falstaff and Stag from time to time but haven't been even mildly interested in buying any of them to see if they were like their predecessors. I only drank those brands in taverns where they were all that was offered. An old Mizzou haunt that is only alive in legends now, The Shack, offered Schlitz and Stag only in the old paper cartons with the plastic clip. Many a Mizzou Homecoming and Greek Week parade float was designed in the old booths covered with carved names while sipping on these two nostalgic former giants of the American beer industry. Many by myself.
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