Can't tell you how excited I was to find this web site. I've really enjoyed browsing the forum and have learned a TON from reading your posts. Thanks to all for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of bourbon.

Just a few words about myself and how I came to seek you folks out in the first place: I grew up in New York (Queens and Long Island) but have been living in the western suburbs of Chicago for the last ten years with my English wife and two small children. I had the good fortune to live in Kent, England for two years in the late nineties and was able to indulge my passion for English (and Belgian) ale, as well as quaff many fine single malts with my relatives in Scotland. I am a fanatical record collector with a particular interest in blues, jazz, soul, reggae and sixties/seventies rock. These days I spend my time as a freelance writer and stay-at-home dad, the latter being quite rewarding but enough to occasionally drive me to drink--bourbon!

My experience drinking Kentucky whiskey was limited to the odd shot of Jim Beam or Wild Turkey back in my college days twenty-five years ago, usually while drinking waaay too much beer to appreciate the flavor of the bourbon. But then a miraculous thing happened this summer: I started having the occasional evening drink with an elderly neighbor of mine who absolutely loves his single malts. One evening he handed me a snifter and asked me to try something new and I was absolutely blown away by the flavor and aroma of what I drank--Wild Turkey Rare Breed! I've been a bourbon hound from that day forward, having invested in no less than thirty different bottles on the advice of my friend and the many fine recommendations I've found on this site. (Sijan's list of fine affordable bourbons was particularly useful, though I should warn him that my wife has a bounty on his head due to the money spent after reading his post.)

I'm really loving the whole Weller line, Old Rip Van Winkle and all the various Wild Turkey products. More on that later, folks. Thanks again for all the info and friendly discourse and please accept my apology for the long-winded introduction.