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    Dr. McGillicuddy Hot Cinnamon Fireball

    This is sub-titled, "Flavoured Corn Whisky".

    The label also states, produced and bottled in Canada for Sazerac Company, Inc., New Orleans, LA. I take it this is a U.S. product, made under license or under some other arrangement in Canada, i.e., that the corn whisky base is distilled here.

    I bought this to see if I could taste the corn whisky and if I could whether it resembles corn whisky in the U.S. I could not taste any whisky, however: the taste is full-on cinnamon, sugar and red pepper. The taste is good though, clean and pure of the flavours mentioned, but I am not sure what role the whisky plays. If the base does taste of corn as U.S. corn whiskies do, the flavourings cover it over, at least to my taste. Maybe the idea is that the corn oils provide body and a "vehicle" for the flavors mentioned.

    It is too sweet for me, however mixed 50/50 with Fighting Cock (which has a slight corn taste), it was very good: plenty sweet enough but with a boosted ABV and detectable whisky flavours.

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