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    Wisre's Small Batch

    This is another entrant in the new Canadian whisky ranks. Wiser's has innovated before in releasing its Red Letter whisky and Special Reserve. The latter has 43% ABV - something different for Canada where almost all rye is 40%. The former had a big vanilla character, good, but not really stretching the bounds of Canadian whisky IMO.

    The Small Batch is the most assertive to date of the new whiskies and approaches Forty Creek's whiskies in intensity of palate. It is full-bodied, sweetish, and while Canadian in palate does offer something new in its bigger, rounder flavours. I am not sure how this was achieved, presumably "heavier" whiskies were used to make up the batch than is normally the case. I would guess there is more rye whisky in it distilled at low proof than is normally used.

    The whisky has little aftertaste so I doubt there is very much whisky in it aged in new charred wood (of whatever distilling-out proof) but the flavour in the mid-palate is strong and excellent.

    The proof of the bottling us 43.4% which is indicated to be "Original Strength" - not sure what that means.

    A fine effort for a reasonable price (circa $27.00). We are getting better, slowly, but it's happening.

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