Last Saturday I popped in to a liquor store on the way to a friend's house to grab a few beers for the game. I always check out the bourbon selection at this particular store, because I've made a few good dusty bottle finds there in the past (I think the owner may be a bit of a bourbon enthusiast - their selection is generally wider than a lot of places.) Anyhow, this time they had three different expressions of Four Roses - the Yellow, the Single Barrel, and (IIRC) the Limited Edition.

Our liquor laws here are structured in such a way that (if I'm remembering this right) package stores can only purchase from authorized suppliers. Basically, that dictates what you can and can't get - if an approved supplier doesn't carry it, your store can't order it and you don't get to buy it within state lines. Since I've done quite a bit of shopping and never seen Four Roses products before, my guess is that the catalog must have expanded recently. Hooray for us!

So the question is this - which one should I try first? Obviously, they are at different price points, but is there one of those three that stands over the others? I wanted to get one of each, but that didn't exactly win approval from the Financial Department, so I figure I'll try one at a time.

Thanks much!