ok, ok! i did it...picked up a bottle....don't know anything about bottom-of-the-bottle reading...there is an 02 on the left side and can't tell on the right...02 or 04...?

anyways, it's 80 proof....pretty low...tasting notes to follow if there's any interest.

let me at least say i am not disappointed at all! a solid pour that i can only wish WAS a higher proof.
nice sweetness, but not too much. a nice micro-burn. being a WT fan, i wonder how it compares to WT 80. something i've never had before

completely worth $9.99. i was hoping almost that it was not good neat so i could make whiskey sours.

i don't think i can waste this on a sour. a very nice bottle to have when i want a full flavor but not an intense effect after two nice pours.