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    Forty Creek Whisky 40 Double Barrel Reserve

    This is just out here now and is top-notch whisky. It reminds me of the Reserve released last year except with a patina of bourbon nose and flavour. And this makes sense since I understand it was re-tunned into some ex-bourbon barrels before dumping. The bourbon barrel smooths it out and reduces some of the piney notes I noticed in last year's iteration of Forty Creek Reserve, plus it adds its own welcome vanilla and caramelized corn flavours. The whiskey is soft on the palate with lingering notes of corn, tangy rye and perhaps the barley, each flavour deriving from one of the informing whiskies. A fine effort well-priced (for what it is) in an attractive package.

    N.B. I saw at the same LCBO CC 30 years old and CC 20 years old. I know the 20 from some years ago, a good rounded oaky dram. The 30 is new as far as I know. I was tempted, but in the past, I've found aged CCs not all that different from the regular expressions: deeper in flavour and rounder, yes, but not strikingly different. I'll await tasting at the LCBO's tasting counter before considering whether to buy these.
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