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    bourbon questions

    Hello all! iam here to ask for help and to know a little bit more about some items ii have with my that were left my my granfather at least 10 years ago. Some of this pieces might be more than 30 or 40 years, the point is that ii have no idea what i do have but i know it has to be something nice, so there is where your experience come to this forum. Iam going to post some pictures of it, so this way i might be able to know better what i have.
    Thanks all for your help.

    PD: Sorry for the worth, but iam not an expert like you, unfortunatley i do not love that mmuch whiskey as you i guess!
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    Re: bourbon questions

    I was pleased to read a post from a brand new member until I read "If It is worth anything".

    It is worth drinking, or at least tasting.............. You are a lucky man, and not because those bottles may be worth $$$

    Edited to add: I think even Edo would agree with me.
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    Re: bourbon questions

    sorry but i have no idea about whiskey! but maybe i drink it!

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    Re: bourbon questions

    While I know nothing about the value of any of these, I would bet the whiskey in them is fairly tasty.

    I've seen pictures before of the Old Crow Traveler and always thought it was pretty cool. I hope someday to come across one of my own.
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    Re: bourbon questions

    Quote Originally Posted by matizowhisky View Post
    Hello all! iam here to ask for help and to know a little bit more about some items ii have with my that were left my my granfather at least 10 years ago. !
    The Beam Decanters can be worth considerable money if they are unopened and the bottles and art in great shape. The Remington art collection is very collectible. You might try writing to Beam for information on the two beam bottles. I don't know about the others, but I think you should hold on to them and continue to search for information. Otherwise you have some fine whisky from a bygone part of whiskey history. If you aren't a whiskey drinker you might save these bottles for special ocassions with family or friends that do enjoy whiskey. I know if you poured me a strong shot from one of those bottles, I'd be your friend for life.

    Enjoy them. They were an important item in your Grandfathers life and I'm sure he would want you to enjoy them in some way and think of him.

    Often I am forced to deal with the fact that I prefer bourbon over dealing with facts.



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