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    Crown Royal Limited Edition

    I got back from Toronto tonight...unfortunately, I did not succeed in my mission to get to a LCBO with a good selection (they kept us busy and with training during the day and evening dinners etc. The LCBO by my hotel was closed by the time I had a chance to get into it..10-8:00..so I had to settle for the duty free shop. The selection at Pearson Intl Airport is somewhat limited...various bottlings of Crown Royal, Gibsons, Wisers De Luxe, VSOP etc. I did pick up a Crown Royal Limited Edition...I have not tasted it yet. I tried CR and Gibson's at the hotel bar...both are nice, light, easy drinking whiskys.

    Interestingly, the Ltd Edition is not on the CR site:


    The CR Ltd Edition is 80 proof...The bottle states "Truly Majestic. Limited Edition is blended with distinguished batch-distilled whiskies to create an exceptionally smooth and rich taste that could only come from the kingdom of Crown Royal."

    I will taste it soon....


    "Batch distillation[1] refers to the use of distillation in batches, meaning that a mixture is distilled to separate it into its component fractions before the distillation still is again charged with more mixture and the process is repeated. This is in contrast with continuous distillation where the feedstock is added and the distillate drawn off without interruption."

    What is the purpose and effect of this process?
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