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    Re: Old Barrels found

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    I came across this thread while looking up some other info. I remember this from last year. Two possibilities, in that he hasn't been on the site since his original post:

    A heck of a whopper told. Or,
    He didn't take advice given to get it tested before drinking.
    If it had been real, pictures would have been forthcoming. From the first post it sounded like a tall tale, all the more so when pics didn't follow.

    Quote Originally Posted by callmeox View Post
    IIRC, this was around the same time that one new member spun the whopper of a tale about moving to the states from Europe and then he "found" Scientology. The whole thing was .

    Just some bored no-life folks playing around, I guess.
    I remember that thread. The guy seemed to genuinely take offense when folks tried to point out that, to be blunt, it was nothing but a cult.

    I took it he was as brainwashed as he made himself sound.

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    Re: Old Barrels found

    This guy was never active again after the day of posting this, I think he was full of

    "everybody defamates from miles away
    but face to face
    they haven't got a thing to say"

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    Re: Old Barrels found

    Given the course of events, it's most likely what VOL says it is.

    But this did get me to thinking.

    My Grandpa has several old barrels in his basement and I got to sample its contents. Hard cider. At least one of his sons also had several barrels in his basement and as teenagers my cousin and I would sample for it, also hard cider. My dad's brother always had home made wine in his basement stored in some barrels. He would give my dad and I samples and my dad would give he his sample as well. My dad was always clever enough to give me his sample as he didn't like it and I might add for good reason. My uncle's wine was bad but at 15 you did not know or care.



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