A friend of mine was doing some bourbon shopping and gave me a call from the liquor store. He asked what he should get for under $15. I told him anything with "Bond" on the label would be worth trying. He brought home something I had never seen before. It was Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon and it was Bottled in Bond. The only bonded HH I have ever seen comes with the green label, but this has a white one. I did some searching and I could find references to the Old Style (80 or 90 proof) and to the HH BIB, but have never heard of the Old Style with that designation.

Have you all come across this before? How does it compare to the green label HH BIB?

By the way, I was not impressed with this at all (I actually felt bad because my friend bought it on my recommendation). I pick up a grass smell on the nose and the flavors are very muted. It mixed fine with coke, but even after a spash of water and then some ice, I found it would be very hard to drink on its own.