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    Post A great small brewery Tour in Philadelphia

    Saturday before going to a Flyers game my Friend from Ny & I took a tour of the Philadelphia brewing Company makers of Kenziner, Row House Red, New Bold IPA and Walt Whit my favorite. Our Guide was a man named David April and he gave our fairly large group an amazing and insightful tour. The Brewery was founded in the Old Historic Weisbrod and hess Oriental Brewery on Amber Street. It was built in 1885 and is a very neat brewery! They are running 6 days a week to keep up with orders. When you go for the tour you start at what they call the club house and drink all the beer you want! Then take the tour and stop back for another beer or two when you are done or if in the area just stop in and have a beer as the bartender told us they had a tray for donantions but they were not worried about it! Our tour was very detailed and took about 45 minutes. After our tour I picked up 2 cases of walt whit at a discount flat price including tax! If you get to the area give them a call their web site is


    They have some outstanding Beers and you can buy any of the 4 for $25.00 a case total. and you can mix your beers in the case if you want at the brewery!

    Here is the post card they give you when you take the tour. They are hoping to expend very soon and then maybe have more beers!
    Dave Z
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