Hello All,

After spending the last couple of months traveling to Lexington for business I've begun to gather an appreciation for Bourbon after spending my college years and later enjoying Tennessee Whiskey, Scotch, and red wine.

My background with Bourbon up until this point has been Maker's Mark, Beam, and Evan Williams which to me have always been too sweet for my taste. My other bourbon experience would be Woodford Reserve from my time spent on airplanes and Delta Crown Rooms. I purchased a bottle for home and find it to be a safe drink but nothing incredible like some of the single malt Scotches I've had.

My co-worker and I stumbled across the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection at the bar of the Lexington Marriott among many others and love these so far. We took the hard hat tour of the distillery and had a great time. While I recently purchased all 5 of the 2008 BTAC offerings these are obviously ones I want to hold on to for special times.

I've got a bottle of Buffalo Trace though I'm always looking for other spicy rye types. I am also looking for a decent wheated bourbon to add to my collection as well. I have some concerns about the sweetness of the wheat options but am willing to take a chance on something.