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I like corn whiskey and, for that matter, bourbon new make, but a little goes a long way. It's just very rare that I approach my bar, with everything I have available, and decide what I'm in the mood for is corn whiskey.

One tip I would give is treat corn whiskey the same way you do white tequila.
This is a good tip, and I think I would add to it that there is a big difference between aged and unaged Corn Whiskey. I recently picked up a bottle of Mellow Corn BiB and comparing it with my VA Lightning at the same proof, there is a world of difference. The VL is intense, oily and raw with a citrus-y sweetness underneath. The Mellow Corn is all sweetness and light. A great after work or Saturday afternoon pour. It has a slight burn but is otherwise an undemanding drink.

I like them both, but in different ways. If they were wine, I would say the VL is a Shiraz and the MC is a Vinho Verde.