Tis the season to get stuff from the distilleries.
Today I got 2.

One a tin from Old Forester as a member of the 1870 Society.
In the tin is a velvet bag with a cork for bottles, it is nice.
Topping the cork is a heavy metal circle medallion that states "Old Forester" on one side and "1870 Society" on the other.
Also included is a memebership card with your truley printed on it.
And a booklet with info on the Society and the bourbon, etc.

Also got a booklet from the "Knob Creek Stillhouse" which explains the benefits of membership and their bourbon, etc.

On further inspection, these two items are for joining, so the Christmas promos will follow later.
Just thought I'd throw this out there and let's hear what others have received from the distilleries.