I'm just checking in so that those of you who generously offered advice will know that I've put some of it to good use.

Famous Grouse -- I like it, and I can't identify any flavor component. It's not flowery, grassy, smokey, mediciney, woody, or any of the words I've seen others use. It has a very gentle, somewhat darkly (?) sweet taste that is faintly similar to black rye bread after I've chewed it awhile. Could I be tasting the flavor of actual malt, a la malted milkshake?

Johnnie Walker black -- It's a little more demanding than Famous Grouse, certainly not as sweet, and a fuller, slightly mediciney taste. The taste reminded me of the scene in Mr. Roberts where the lads are trying to create scotch from readily available ingredients on board a Navy ship. Someone suggests adding one drop of iodine, after which they all agree that they've succeeded in duplicating the taste of scotch.

Macallan 12 -- Am I dreaming or do I really taste sherry from the aging casks? Stronger flavor than the FG, but perhaps gentler than JW and lacking its mediciney flavor. I liked the 50 ml. bottle well enough to buy a 750 for further exploration.

Glendronach 15 -- One 50 ml.bottle is not enough to get familiar with this one. I think someone suggested a direct comparison with Mac 12. I don't get the similarity. No sherry taste that I can detect, and considerably lighter, with noticeable oak (as in chardonnay, not Russell's Reserve).

On the shelf now, but not yet tasted:

Teachers Highland Cream
Dalmore 12
Glenlivet 12
Glenfiddich 12
Sheep Dip (I bought this one for my son's girlfriend, who likes collectibles with a sheep theme. I won't get a taste of it unless she decides to open the bottle rather than just display it. Should I include some tasting glasses as a hint? )

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield