I had a chance to try this tonight and if you like rich, wintery beers and fine bourbon whiskey then do yourself a big favor and pick some up. This is from Goose Island brewery and comes in at 13% ABV. From what I've been able to turn up on line it is aged 10 months in 16 yr. old bourbon barrels. I am not a big beer drinker, but up against a terrific Young's Double Chocolate Stout draught, this bottled Bourbon Stout was a stand out. It has all the coffee/chocolate flavor of the Young's and so much more. Complexity and mouthfeel that is cognac-like. Perfect for fireside sipping. Like I said I'm not a big beer guy, but I think just about anyone would have to recognized the excellence of this drink. If I can find it, I'll be buying several bottles to see me through the winter.