Check out the current issue of Stuff magazine. It has a beautifully photographed spread titled "Bourbon Warfare" with hilarious reviews of some of our favorites. The big 5 star winners were Woodford Reserve ..."a sipping whiskey with hints of maple and citrus that goes down smoother than a hippo on a Vaseline-greased Slip 'n' Slide", and Blanton's..."a holy hand grenade as solid as the bronze stallion fixed to its stopper". 4-stars went to Bookers ..."toenail-curling 127 proof should be sampled with a belly full of catfish and hushpuppies -- or else suffer a punch to the gut that'll leave you flatter than a post tornado trailer park", Maker's Mark, and Knob Creek..."spends 9 years in solitary confinement -- in virginal white oak barrels, charred more than the old Branch Davidian compound". Getting 3 stars were Wild Turkey Rare Breed..."this gobbler comes blazing out of the glass a-peckin' and a-scratchin' like a 24-pounder the day before Thanksgiving," and Bulleit..."has a salty aroma -- kind of like a shrimp basket at Red Lobster and can burn a hole though your chest the size of a cathead buicuit..."

But all joking aside, I kinda liked the Bulleit bottle. It has lots of whiskey label and all. Any word on where to purchase it?

Cheers, Omar