I read in one of the threads reports about bars in Ohio using diluted bourbon and bars elsewhere using Beam White Label.

Since I (we) do enjoy getting out and going into bars and since I've come to know a lot of bar owners let me add a word of caution for those of you who do not go to bars that often.

When ordering a spirit (not beer, not wine) always ask what the well bourbon (or vodka for martini, etc.) is. I am also never embarrassed to ask the price of the well pour and the price of a call brand. Too often I find Ten High, Old Crow, or worse in the well. I'd almost guarantee you would have never heard of the label of the gin, tequila, or vodka in the well in average bars!

Frankly, if a well drink is $2.50 and call drink is $5.00, but the well is "old rot gut" I'll either call or I'll drink a beer.

I am absolutely amazed if I go with someone, especially someone that I know has plenty of money, that they will go into a bar and order a spirit as "gin and tonic" or martini without asking. You'll get real cr*p in many places and pay a good price.

I'd rather pay top dollar for a good drink -- or since I'm a beer drinker I'm happy with my beer.

Sorry if this is obvious to most of you -- but I sure wouldn't assume you'll find White Label in a well. OF about ten bars in three cities where I know what's in the well, White label is in ONE of those ten -- and the rest have much worse.