Last Year I bought a 4/5 of Haller's County Fair 100 proof that was Distilled in Spring 1946 bottled in Spring 1950 BIB on my 60th birthday on E Bay. Tonight I plulled the stopper and it did just what I thought it might broke off so I filtered all the Cork out of it through a brown Coffee filter into a plastic 1.75 Governors bottle and marked it. I think I will just fix up the cork on the stopper and leave the whiskey in the sealed palstic bottle as the old labels got wet and I do not want to ruin them completely as the bottle is beautiful to look at so I will wash it and put it back in my collection empty. Now the Whiskey I am sipping it right now and it is a very Full body Whiskey with taste's of Spice and wood a very Nice Whiskey strong but drinkable straight which is what I am doing it is very warm going down and burns a little but very Nice. It was well worth the $35. I paid for this old Continental Distilling Whiskey that was bottled at the old Bigler Street Bottling house in 1950 in Phila.

This is the first time I have ever had any of Continentals County Fair and I like it! It is very Different from Old Hickory more power going down at 100 proof and the flavor is just not the same but it is very Good.

I had intended to just keep the bottle sealed but after thinking about it thought after I am gone because it is full might not be able to go to a museum so instead of it getting sold again to sit I will drink it and just save the bottle to my Collection. And Now that I have tried it I am most pleased with it.

Now I am wondering if Any of you Have ever drank Haller's County Fair BIB? If not I recommend if you find some getting it. It is just as wonderful as Old Hickory but just a totally Different Whiskey. They are not the same at all I still prefer my Old Hickory But this is a great Bottle of BIB!
Time For another shot.
Dave Z

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