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    Re: Ancient Ancient Age the same as Blanton's?

    Interesting discussion here. I have been hesitant to buy ETL, RHF and Blanton's because I haven't liked recent bottles of BT, AAA 10 Star and OC12, and I'm afraid there will not be enough differences. I know some prefer OC10 to OC12, including Jim Murray. Some prefer ETL to BT. I guess it's all in the individual taste preferences, huh.

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    Re: Ancient Ancient Age the same as Blanton's?

    OC 10 has always been a favorite. AAA 10 star is fine but it really doesn't do much for me. If I'm not mistaken, there are two non-wheater mashbills that BT uses. There was a thread a while back that detailed which whiskey came from which mash. It was a little surprising actually.

    Also, when I said ELT and OC are the only ones worth the money, I meant of the non-wheater bourbons. OWA 107 is worth the price too, imo.
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