My woman called me from an auction she went to at the cross country ski club last night, "There's a bottle of bourbon here called Rare Breed, do you want me to bid on it?"


It had a $25 minimum bid. I told her to go to at least $75. She got it for $36. Can you imagine? Finding good bourbon in Canada is problematic at best. In Quebec it's damn near impossible. A bottle of Rare Breed for $36 is like finding... a bottle of rare Breed for $36. What are needles and haystacks compared to this?

The problem is the bottle obviously came from someone's house, not the store (all items at the auction are donated localy), and it looks like the seal might be cracked. The bottle is full, so I'm wondering if someone bought it or got it as a gift, gave it a whiff, or at least a twist, and left it at that. I live in a smal town and all the ski club people are people we know so I'm not worried about rat poison in the bottle, but I'm going to track down the previous owner and find out about the cracked seal.

Anyway, Rare Bread!