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    Re: Found me some Rare Breed!

    [quote=Treeguy;150051]Hey Oscar,

    WTRB is never available in Canada. When they say Rare Breed, they mean it. You can get the standard 80 and 101 WT sometimes, but that's it.

    The best we can get here is Booker's Best at $90 a bottle and it's very hard to find. You can go years between bottles. Knob Creek is usually available somewhere ($40+ for a 26 oz.), and we get the occasional bottle of Evan Williams or Blantons. Jim Beam White half the time, Jim Beam Black is very rare. For the most part, it's Jack Daniel's and that's about it. And the JD here tastes like crap.

    My guess is WTRB, if it was availble, would be in the $75+ range.

    It sounds like a wasteland. What the heck is wrong with Canada? How's the scotch situation, any better?

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    Re: Found me some Rare Breed!

    If you ever cross the border into the US, WTRB may be available at duty free. I have found it going both directions to and from Detroit and Windsor, Ontario!


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    Re: Found me some Rare Breed!

    Quote Originally Posted by ILLfarmboy View Post
    It sounds like a wasteland. What the heck is wrong with Canada? How's the scotch situation, any better?
    Nothing wrong with Canada, really. (Mostly.) We have world class beer and the women here in Quebec are oustanding.

    You can buy excellent scotch here, we have a huge variety on the shelves. And the rye situation is getting better. Some seriously tasty looking bottles hitting the shelves. 20 year-old super premium rye matured in different kinds of casks, running about $60 a bottle (26 oz.). I'll be trying that for sure. The Irish whiskey selection is standard but good. Bushmills 10 & 16 year-old are available most of the time.

    Bourbon drinkers are a minority in Canada and almost an alien species in Quebec. Anything beyond Jack Daniels and they think you were born with gills and two heads.
    My woman, sure. My chainsaw, maybe. My dog or my whiskey, never.



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