Today a vet run took Chelsea, our gimpy wire-haired terrier mix, and me close to one of my two favorite liquor retailers in this vicinity, Hi-Time Wine Cellars, and I couldn't resist going in "just for a quick look".

Among the specials I found Old Whiskey River at $16.99, so now I have a bottle to comfort me one of these days. I believe the only knock I had heard on this bourbon is that it may be overpriced compared to other products of Heaven Hill origin of similar or better quality. At this price I figured it was worth a try.

Such a deep reduction in price (was $26.99 at this store) suggests to me that the nationwide sales of this product may have been much lower than planned. Does anyone have any information in that regard?

At the same time I picked up another Old Forester 100, another Woodford Reserve ($23.99 on special) and my first Old Fitz 1849. I had intended to try another bottle of Old Fitz BIB, in the hope that I would discover that my first bottle was not representative. However, when I tried to reach for a bottle, my hand refused to obey orders and grasped the adjacent 1849, instead. Are the two expressions similar?

With the intent of a "quick look" now only a fading memory, I happened to notice a 1.75L bottle of a non-bourbon product named after a game bird on special for a mere $25.99. For me, the purchase of 1.75 liters of any liquor is a leap of faith, due to my constantly changing taste so far. Worst case, I'm sure my cheapskate son will take it off my hands.

Oh, and one more thing... Which one of you sneaked into my house and made off with my OGD 114? I would have sworn that I bought a bottle about a month ago, and now I can't find it. I've looked in all three locations where I customarily stash liquor. My wife doesn't drink liqour at all, and my son drinks only s-----. I'm totally stumped. Has this ever happened to you?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield