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    Re: Is Whiskey River Running Dry? (And Other Trivia)

    Yep Dave, 3 I've been to more than that at times. I was on what turned out to be a fruitfull search for Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. I do have a shelf that i manage at times as well. Better known now as Bob's Bourbo-Bunker!

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    Re: Is Whiskey River Running Dry? (And Other Trivia)

    Judging from your write up over in the 1849 thread it sounds like my prediction came true.

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    Re: Is Whiskey River Running Dry? (And Other Trivia)

    You are correct.

    I have to tell you, I was surprised to find that I like it. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to my Old Fitz BIB, except for the color.

    I took another tiny drink of the BIB, after my third or fourth glass of the 1849, and it is even worse than I remembered. I've decided to put it out of its misery the next time I have to kill some weeds. My bottle absolutely has something wrong with it.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield



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