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    Happy 75th Anniversary Repeal of Prohibition Day!

    Tonight deserves a very nice pour to celebrate....as I have recently
    acquired some select whiskeys (thanks to my secret Santa)..... tomorrow is St. Nicholas day too...I think I will taste some JD Silver Select...my first experience...then move on to a very nice Canadian...maybe the Alberta 25....and if I am still in the mood....a nice smooth bourbon to end the evening....maybe EWSB or Old Forester Signature.


    "Frederic Rene Coudert Sr., a Manhattan lawyer stated his position strongly: "The 18th Amendment does not represent a law. ... It is a piece of fanaticism. . . . Call out the Navy. . . . Put every citizen who violates the law into jail and have accommodations for 50 or 60 million. Then take the consequences of the government that does that of being swept out of existence."

    This is kind of worrisome...

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