two basic questions (and both might be oxymoronic!):

1. What is the highest grade/most interesting (challenging?) 80 proof whiskey out there...bourbon or not?

2. Are 80 proofers really only good for cocktails?

smaller questions seem to ooze from these two...why 80 proof? is it for simply marketing reasons? is there any 'artful' reason for making it 80...?

90 proof is really as low as i like to go...below that and it seems to LACK alot of things. yes, smooth, but no bite, no substance.

someone the other day mentioned the newer expression of McAfee's Benchmark being a surprising 80.

being a WT fan, i've still never had the 80 version.

again, i can only wonder if it's marketing or true whiskey art for a distillery to consider making anything below 90 proof...JB Black...why 86?

etc etc....