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yep, sounds like what i figured...there is no 'art' in 80 proof...
I think there's an art to the whole thing. As mentioned, Basil Hayden's IS overpriced AND made by a mega-conglomerate AND available everywhere, but there's definitely a design at work there....it has a unique flavor and attempts to appeal to some audience. It's certainly not one of my favorites and that DOES have a lot to do with the proof, but think that many of these 80 proofers went that way not only to maximize their profits, but also to widen their appeal and to make them easier to consume by people who can't handle stronger hooch.
WT80 is a fine whiskey to shoot or have with a beer, Beam on the rocks beside a beer is beautiful thing to experience -- it's just not the bourbon experience that a lot of us enjoy....sip and savor.

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