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    Re: What Did You Have to Pass Up Today?

    Quote Originally Posted by spun_cookie View Post
    If they are 1.75s there are at least late 70s or newer. Were their tax stamps, fake take stamps or Anit-tanper tops?

    You can usually tell the age by a yr mark on the bottom of the bottle.

    As far as worth basically $8.00 a bottle, depends on what type of bourbon you like. It is a light whiskey but flavorful. The older ones are better than the newer ones, but none of it is bad juice.
    No stamps, just plastic screw off caps. Plastic bottles too. Couldn't find a date either.

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    Re: What Did You Have to Pass Up Today?

    Quote Originally Posted by Halifax View Post
    Passed on four bottles of JW Dant BIB today. One appeared to have been bottled in 1999, and the other 3 in 2000. $10.95 each. Don't have any knowledge regarding the brand, and didn't want to run the risk of chunking my money out the window.
    Good call, passing that one. I bought one a couple months back (DSP 31) and it was terrible. I swear the plastic infused a petroleum flavor to the whiskey.

    I did get some use from the bottle, though. My gas grille was pretty dirty with bits of food laying in the belly. The alcohol in the Dant did a pretty decent job of turning the food to ash, making it easy to brush out.



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