Wasn't sure if this was off-topic or general discussion, but it is bourbon-related, so I'm posting it here.

So after raiding a number of liquor stores, erm sorry "wine shoppes", on Friday, I was taking a number of bottles out of my car and a bottle of VOB 86 came tumbling out and fell onto the concrete driveway.

Horrified, I carefully put the others down as the precious nectar ran down the driveway. I scooped up the bottle and noticed that all that was broken was the plastic cap on top. I put it back in its bag with the others, slapped a coke bottle cap on the top and took them all back into the house, placing the bags with bottles on the carpet in my parents' spare bedroom where I was sleeping. BTW they are dyed in the wool teetotalers.

I wake the next morning to a sweet, heavenly smell. It turns out I hadn't propped the bottles up too securely and the VOB had continued leaking all night and soaked into the carpet. I quickly put the bags up on a plastic container, but the smell lingered.

The next night after sharing sips from a few bottles with two new friends, I decided to avoid more spillage from the two more bottles that had been opened so I just left them in my trunk overnight.

Well, once again, the now three open bottles were not entirely secure, because when I opened the trunk to put my suitcase in on Sunday afternoon it smelled like I had just stepped into a rackhouse.

So I ran inside, grabbed some duct tape, taped up the bottle lids and carefully observed the speed limit the rest of the way home! "What makes you think I've been drinking, officer?"

Anybody else have any bourbon-related embarassing moments?