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    Re: value of an old whiskey bottle

    In regard to your original question....since it is doubtful anyone has experience with the bottle in question the price could only be determined by the willing seller and buyer.

    I found that "Black Dee" whiskey is a product line currently marketed by a Bulgarian Distiller...Bonidex....established 1993.

    They also sell "Jack Williams Blue Label Whiskey."

    Methinks you are being had.......assuming you are unaware of this info.

    My guess is this is a faux old whiskey

    I like the Rifle Bottle of Black Dee.....Guns & Ammo advert possibility!

    This is funny....the product names are all knock offs of famous products...

    "John Rider Whiskey"....looks like JW Black
    John Regal.....looks like Chivas Regal

    Those tricky Bulgarians....

    1 litre for 2 Euros...what a deal!
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