After Inver House One of the Best selling Higher end Scotchs we Made in Scotland was Pinwinnie it was exspensive back then and I never had any now it is sold only oversea's still being made by Inver House Distillery, I wondered If anyone here had ever drank it and what was it like? I know the Higher ups in the Company would always get some of it when new Shipments came in.

I have tried to get friends going oversea to bring me some but they were always in Places that did not carry it.

So If you Had ours or the new version lets hear about it as it is Kind of a Legion by Name when We Made it came with a Brass Medal in a bag in a special Box I have some Boxes and a medal and the Little Book that tells the story of it but no Bottle other then a Miniture Ludy gave me. Those days it came in a Green Rocker Bottle could be rocked like a Rocking Chair and was a Blend of 12 year and up Scotchs.

Dave Z
Inver House Soft As A Kiss

Dave Z