I was at a party the Enginners had on Thursday and the Man who brought all the Wine and Beer Brought something I had never tasted!
Anderson Valley Winter Solstice Ale. Boy is this Good Tasting stuff, it is very pricey over $40 a case but it is amazing and refreshing and very nice touches of malts in every sip.
I had a couple at the party and ended up taking the credit card and picking up a case to enjoy this christmas Week.

Now I am wondering if any of you have tried this one and what you think of it. Maybe Jeeskidden you have had it or Gary Gillman and I would be interested in your notes on it or anyone else. I drank 3 last night and it is smooth with an AVB of 6.9.

For me I have found something very tasty from Ca. thats about all I konw and that they say they use Mineral Water to brew it and the Cap says Solar Powered Brewery!
Dave Z
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