My mother owns a bookstore and we are both avid readers & drinkers...last Christmas she gifted me a book called, "Hemingway & Bailey's Bartending Guide to Great American Writers." It's a very interesting coffee table book with a little blurb about each author as well as a drink recipe and an excerpt from some of their work that celebrates drinking. I think the drink - author pairing may be a little arbitrary, though. They have Dr. Hunter S. Thompson listed as a Greyhound due to his fondness for grapefruit (when I would've thought a Boilermaker of WT101 & Ballantine XXX ale would be more his style), Kerouac gets the Margarita because he wrote so much about Mexico, Papa Hemingway gets a Mojito which I doubt was even invented in his day.
I'm reading "The Sun Also Rises" by Hemingway right now and it takes place in Paris (and other locales in Europe) during American alcohol prohibition. The characters are always drinking and it seems everything is mixed with soda (club soda, I imagine)....brandy & soda, whiskey and soda. Encouraged by this and having a bottle of CR around (which I don't really like), and because I drink gallons of seltzer water a day (a much bigger addiction than bourbon, even), I thought, why not mix them together. Well, suffice it to say, the seltzer did not improve the Crown and the whiskey definitely did not help the seltzer.

Does anyone subscribe to whiskey & soda and, if so, what's the draw? Am I missing something?

Here are the author/drink pairings that include whiskey for your amusement....

James Agee - Whiskey Sour
Sherwood Anderson - Old-Fashioned
Charles Bukowski - Boilermaker
John Cheever - Rusty Nail (Scotch & Drambuie)
William Faulkner - Mint Julep (one of my favs)
Ring Lardner - Manhattan
Robert Lowell - Ward 8
Edgar Allan Poe - Sazerac (Absinthe & Rye)
Thomas Wolfe - Rob Roy (Manhattan with Scotch substituted for Rye)

Happy Reading!