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    Help me date this bottle of Old Forester

    I picked this up recently via auction and was curious as to the age and/or date of the bottle. I'll give you the details and share pictures below.

    There is a tax stamp (still intact) but if the dates were ever listed there, they are gone now. The # on it is 000943126 if that makes a difference.

    On the front, the diagonal green banner reads "NEW! Larger Metric Size"

    On each side of the bottle, there are three 'dimples,' for lack of a better word, and the #s on the bottom of the bottom of the bottle are 55 13 79, leading me to believe this was probably bottled in '79.

    According to the back label, this was bottled as DSP Kentucky 414.

    I am going to open this up tonight and enjoy it, but would like to know the history behind it, if you can help.

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