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Thread: Ogd 86

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    Ogd 86

    So I noticed today that the store I frequents had 1 OGD 86 1.75 and 1 750. The rest were 80 proofers. Should I go pick the 86ers? I like the ogdbib quite a bit just wanted to get the scoop. Thanks in advance for the feedback

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    Re: Ogd 86

    The 86 proof OGD versions are history. They are modern era dusties.
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    Re: Ogd 86

    They're pretty recent dusties though. If you like the bonded then stick with the bonded imho

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    Re: Ogd 86

    Quote Originally Posted by amg View Post
    They're pretty recent dusties though. If you like the bonded then stick with the bonded imho
    Yeah, but there's a reason Cliff has a jazillion rare dusties in his collections...cuz folks used to say not too long ago; "They're pretty recent dusties, though." And, he just mosied on by, and scooped em up...

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    Re: Ogd 86

    Low risk investment - buy one and give it a go. If you like it - buy more while you can! If not, you won't lose any sleep. When Ritt BIB was changing over, I bought my first DSP 354 to figure out if I needed to bunker before it was gone. Learned I like the new DSP 1 better!
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    Re: Ogd 86

    Haven't seen an 86 around here in quite some time. When it was available, I never bought one even though I have taken home many BIB and 114. There just didn't seem any reason to think I would like the 86 as much as those. Now that it's gone, I am thinking I probably should have tried one just to know for sure how it compared. I say pick one up for the educational value (yet I still have no intention of ever buying the 80!).



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