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    My taste buds out of whack

    Another rookie question probably.

    You guys ever have a day where everything you taste doesn't taste right? Last night I sipped on my regulars and all I could taste was the alcohol astringent taste. Maybe I'm not describing it correctly, but I couldn't get any of the normal oak, sweetness, or anything to hardly come out.

    Maybe it's something I ate or coated my tongue with? Anyway, thought I'd ask!

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    Happens to me occasionally. Just take a break. Drink some beer or milk or something.

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    This happens to me quite often. I remember chewing some gum before I drank some KCSB and I couldn't really taste the liquor.

    When my tastes buds act up like that, I loose my interest in Whisky really fast.

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    Yeah, Mix it up!

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    It's not all that unusual Tex. It happens to the best of us from time to time. Call it palate burnout or whatever. Take a break from bourbon. Maybe have something else, or nothing at all for a day or two. This kinda happened to me just last week. I had a pour Friday night, and it was okay, butů.. I decided not to have anything over the weekend. Tonight I had a pour, and everything was okay.
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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    WHat I usually do is have a 20 oz glass of water or two before I do a pour. I find when the palate is cleansed the whisky tastes the way it should. I avoid spicy foods before I do a pour. try it out. It works for me.
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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    things taste different on different days. if it doesn't sit well, try a rye or something else. and this is reason I try not to make snap judgements on first sip but drink a second glass and then again on another day.

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    My taste buddies are somewhat variable day to day... even from afternoon to evening. I rarely see 'em drop all semblance of the expected enjoyment; but, that has occurred. Rarely; thank goodness.
    I can usually tell when I have a cold coming on by those instances. ...Sometimes even before any viral symptoms are noticed.
    Strangely, on a few occasions I've experienced 'hyper' tasting with a cold, or at least right when I'm coming down with a particularly humid cold.
    The other times when tasting is expected to be off, is during or after strong-flavored or very aromatic dishes being eaten; but I assume everybody has those times.
    I probably should also mention that I have a notoriously 'iron palate'. Many Boubonitos are able to tease out subtle flavor or aroma nuances that I just can't detect. ...Doesn't affect my enjoyment, however!

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    I've discovered that Claritin (the allergy pill) really kills my taste. And it's not just a matter of stuffy nose / not stuffy nose. I did an experiment, on a day when I was feeling stuffy, but didn't take any Claritin for the past day or 2 and everything tasted fine. Taking Claritin with my head clear, can't really taste much of anything in terms of wine, beer, spirits.

    And like Richnimrod above, I kind of have a blunt palate on a good day, so it's pretty bad when it's off...

    So, for example, since I know I'm going to be doing a bunch of tasting this Saturday, I'm going to avoid the allergy drugs and just live with a stuffy head on Friday.

    Oh...and un-related to the above, I find that the acid and whatever else in tomato- and pepper-based dishes makes bourbon taste gross.

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    Re: My taste buds out of whack

    days like that are great for getting rid of the stuff you just want to get rid of!



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