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Thread: Age vs. Proof?

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    Re: Age vs. Proof?

    Make mine between ten and fifteen years. I prefer those more than fifteen to those under ten. As to proof, somewhere between 90 and 106.
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    Re: Age vs. Proof?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokinjoe View Post
    Hey, I think you just used some math, Josh! Time to go revisit that cost vs. value thread!
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    Re: Age vs. Proof?

    For me the baseline is 94. I tend to go between 94 and a 108 comfortably, and everything in-between. I tend to get bored with most new bottles under 94 proof due to the lack of concentrated flavors and complexity, although I'm big on texture - so, a 90 Proof ER17 or Saz18 will hold my attention, nicely. But as far as flavor profiles are concerned I definitely reach for 94, 96, 98 and optimally 100. I'm not big on Cask Strength versions for everyday use because I enjoy everything neat, not big on water, and the only one I throw on ice is WTKS. If I'm at a bar I'll settle for Woodford's on ice if they have it but not at home. Once over 108 things can get pretty sharp and heady, but the texture of WLW is sooooo fine that it tames the beast, then the concentrated flavors play out. Neither am I fond of most 80 proofers... I simply don't buy them in volume. The other day I had a miniature (50ml) of Basil Hayden's and it was good, good texture, but left me wanting more of something else. That's when the Blanton's comes out of the closet, or Rock Hill. Lately I have been gravitating to JDSB since I've found some interesting combinations, but they're all different bottle-to-bottle. It's a crap-shoot. Once in a while you hit a Lucky-7. BB



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