Hello from western washington!

I found this site while googling information on different types of bourbon. So far, it's been very informative. I just got started sipping bourbon a month ago and have really enjoyed it.

My boss actually got me started, he really likes sipping scotch and encouraged me to try some different malts. I went to the nearest state liquor store (yes, yes, WA state is a big liquor selling business) and picked up some 1 shot bottles of:

Jameson Irish Whisky
Bushmills Irish Whisky
The Singleton Scotch
Johnny Walker Black Label

First things first, I hated the scotch. I'm not sure I could ever acquire a taste for it.

I enjoyed the irish whiskys sweet pear like taste but I sensed that they lacked a spectrum of flavor.

Then I was at a local bar a few nights later and the bar and the bartender suggested I try some Maker's Mark. I then found the complete package in Whisky. Bourbon had alot of sweetness to it and had a sort of fieryness that the irish whisky lacked.

Since then, 2 parts MM with 1 part water is my drink of choice. I've also tried:

1) Booker's: I absolutely loved it. Rather spendy though.
2) Basil Hayden's: Had a really light taste. It reminded me more of an irish whisky then bourbon.
3) Baker's: Reminded me alot of Booker's, but mellowed out.

Are there any other bourbon brands that I should check out? What's a good rye whiskey that would be worth checking out?