A couple of days ago I experienced a revelation. I discovered that my enjoyment of Knob Creek is greatly enhanced by the addition of ice cubes.

As I've mentioned before, I've always been ambivalent in my feelings about Knob Creek. Taken neat, I've always enjoyed the nose a lot, and the palate quite a bit, but I've found the finish to be peppery/hot/rough to the point of unpleasantness, though not to the point of preventing me from replacing empty bottles (two so far).

The last time I emptied a bottle there was barely an ounce left. I decided to pour it over an ice cube. I swirled it for only a few seconds, hardly enough time for significant dilution to occur, and took a sip. It tasted and felt good all the way down. I wondered whether the month that last portion had spent in the company of a bottle full of air had produced a change.

I didn't open my next bottle until Linn gave us the homework assignment a couple of weekends ago. (As I've mentioned before, KC tasted better to me that day than my beloved Russell's Reserve. Subsequent drinking has not supported that finding. I still think I spent too much time in the early stages with the VW products, hopelessly confusing my taste buds, but no matter.) Then a few days ago I tried KC over ice again -- this time with a full two ounces and three or four ice cubes. Once again I found the whole experience enjoyable, with no wincing at the finish.

I find it surprising that the addition of ice has this effect without diminishing my enjoyment of the nose and on the palate. What is your experience in this regard?

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield