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    Re: Neat - OT warm beer

    Is S. Uvarum the same as Candida Carlsburgensis? I thought lagers were fermented using species of Candida yeast.
    Its been a while so I may be mistaken.

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    Re: Neat vs. On-the-Rocks

    One strategy I follow is to start with the whiskey neat, but have water on the side. I try a sip or two neat, then decide if I want to add water or not. I add a little, sip again, maybe add a little more. That way you get the whole experience, you taste it at full strength and diluted. I always do this if I'm writing a review.

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    Re: Neat - OT warm beer

    I rarely drink unfinished whisky (beer), but on my 21st birthday I was at the "Haufbrauhaus" in Munich and ordered a couple litre steins of beer. I was dreading drinking beer at all, let a lone warm beer. I was quite pleased it was both quite cool (if not chilled) and tasted great!



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