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    Vodka is Dangerous

    The Kelleher brothers were happily making vodka at their Texas distillery, San Luis Spirits, until it blew up.

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    Re: Vodka is Dangerous

    With that kind of determination they would have to have a little moonshiner in their genes. Time to buy a pair of fire retardant undies and get back to work.
    Often I am forced to deal with the fact that I prefer bourbon over dealing with facts.

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    Re: Vodka is Dangerous

    I don't know the engineering and safety regulations that Texas may have for distilleries but I would have to think that there are standards...isolation of certain processes, various monitoring devices etc. Maybe TX is very lax in this regard.....most distilleries in KY that I have toured seem to have designs that separate the processes....though the bottling room at BT was quite aromatic of alcohol.....definitely a spark hazard. Was this a self desiged operation...having all processes under one roof? Maybe the local laws are just inadequate for such an industry.



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