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Thread: BHC Dusty Score

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    Re: BHC Dusty Score

    Oh, Bernheim. I stand corrected. But not the same Louisville as the early bottles.
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    Re: BHC Dusty Score

    Quote Originally Posted by mozilla View Post
    All Old Fitz is labled as being from Louisville.
    Thank you, Jeff for confirming what I had believed to be true.
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    Re: BHC Dusty Score

    Stitzel Weller was the home for Old Fitz, Cabin Still, Rebel Yell and Weller until 1992. Then Cabin Still was sold to Heaven Hill and became a ryed bourbon. Also, in 1992 SW's still were shut down and production move up the street to the newly remodled Bernheim distillery(which was the home of Old Charter and IW Harper for many years). The "New" Bernheim made all the brands listed until 1999 when it sold the labels and plant. Charter and Weller went to BT, while Rebel Yell and Old Fitz went to Heaven Hill...to which HH then sold RY to Luxco. IW Harper stayed with it's original owner...Diageo.

    Jeff Mo.



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