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First, forums are not primarily for the collection of knowledge, they are for the discussion of topics. Just because something has been discussed before, does not make it inappropriate to discuss it again
You had me up to here ...

... the rest registered as rules and restrictions .

Seriously, though ... it took me about 5-10 seconds to read and understand Squash's original post. It takes much longer to respond and complain than it does ignore it and move along (assuming disinterest).

Really I see this thread as more of an excited "hey, look what I found ... thought I'd share" with a question thrown in for validation. I don't think someone should be expected to dig through old Eagle Rare threads before sharing their small victory. "Dusty" threads are a mainstay on StraightBourbon, and fun to read. The OP's uncertainty about the legitimacy of their find does not make it a post of lesser value.

Just one guy's opinion, anyway ...