I am a bourbon lover. My favorite is Old Charter 12 Year Old. It has been hard to find, but some distributors are moving bottles from other parts of the country back into our area. I currently have five jugs stashed away and a couple of pints. I will visit my local liquor store this evening to see if they have any new bottles in.

Since they have quit making the 12 year old I have decided that I will take the 8 year old and try to mature it in an oak cask. I can not stand the 8 year old and can really tell the difference when comparing to the 10 and 12 year old. Anyway, I ordered two oak cask with a medium char. I am putting the 8 year old in one and I will try and blend a port wine in the other. I set up a blog to document my journey at http://backroombourbonhome.blogspot.com .

Let me know if you what you think.