So it appears that Noilly Prat is changing the dry vermouth that it is shipping to the US. Apparently they had two dry Vermouths, one that was less flavorful that was sold in the US primarily for the Martini market, and a more traditional version sold in the rest of the world where Martinis aren't as popular.

So with the roll out of the new bottle shape, they are only making the more flavorful traditional version, and that is what will be coming to the US now.

The dissenting voice:

The positive voice (buried in a good article on all things vermouth):

I just spent time searching to see if there were going to change the Noilly Prat sweet (which of course many of us love for Manhattans) but I couldn't find any info in this regard. It sounds like there wasn't two versions of the sweet to begin with. Anyone know for sure?

As far as the dry goes, I'm interested! I never really liked martinis with only a hint of vermouth. I like the more traditional measurements, and am looking forward to trying one with the new Noilly dry.