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I had a dilemma today and wondered what the rest of you would have done in my situation. I happened upon a liquor store with excellent prices on many bourbons (Pappy 15 for $37!!) and ryes. I was torn between getting the Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye (132.7 proof) and the Sazerac 18 (90 proof). Having never sampled either of them, I couldn't decide between high octane on the one hand and age on the other. The Handy Sazerac oddly had no age statement but surely must be chock full flavor at 132 proof. The Sazerac 18 is only 90 proof (pretty much as low as I like to go) but after 18 years in the barrel must have tons of extraordinary flavor as well. I loved Baby Saz, Rittenhouse BIB and Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye but am dying to try these Sazeracs. Each one cost $51 and I couldn't afford both, so I ended up leaving empty handed until I could get some feedback from you folks. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

If this is any help, Whisky Magazine just named Sazerac 18 the winner and Editors Choice in the new release tasting notes(even over the Handy, FRSB, Stagg, and ER 17yr). Handy Saz did get a recommended tag. It seems that the Handy was a bit to hot and intense. Now, for the personal note, when it comes to a Rye whiskey, I like the intensity and burn. I want to know I am drinking a Rye. I guess it has to do with personal opinion. Rule of thumb, Higher proof = less water = true taste(ofcourse you can dilute to your liking while drinking). Lower proof = more water = less true taste. If that makes sense to you. Hope this helps!