Hey gang!

I'm the other founder of the Corsair distillery in Bowling Green, KY. (first intro thread) I'm the day-to-day operations guy and still jockey at the distillery.

Thanks so much for the warm welcome. As maker of a product, it's a bit intimidating to participate in an educated, opinionated community. We at least have the respite of barrel-aging! I expect our first production run of bourbon will go in barrels Feb or March of this year -- we're busy distilling our unaged spirits for our retail launch at the moment.

As for day-to-day whiskey preferences, I enjoy trying anything and everything. If I wandered into a store for a "regular" purchase, I'd be walking out with Four Roses Small Batch and Russell's Reserve Rye. Looking across the pond, I'm rather fond of Bunnahabhain, Penderyn if I can find it, and I mourn the loss of Loch Dhu.