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    Re: Raccoon meat making a comeback...:O

    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasH View Post
    If Raccoon meat is making a comeback, it wont be long before getting rabies does too. Better drink some Everclear 190 with that stew as a refreshment/antibiotic/disinfectant!

    LMAO ... or maybe marinate it for a week or so in the stuff. The article claims raccoon rabies to be an east coast phenomenon, but I'll pass, thank you very much.

    I spent nearly ten years in West Virginia and could never comprehend the popularity of squirrel. The darned things don't look as though they have enough meat on them for a White Castle burger. Another poplular Appalachian delicacy is groundhog. I haven't built up the nerve to try it either.

    Venison is, on the other hand, one of the finest flesh foods available in terms of nutritional value. Natural and unspoiled by man's tamperings, it's lean, mean and (when well prepared) extremely delicious.
    "Finish your bourbon. There are sober children in India." -- Your Mom

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    Re: Raccoon meat making a comeback...:O

    This probably won't surprise any of you that know me, but we had coon last week. I don't hunt them (or groundhog) but occasionally one will venture near my deer stand or I'll see one while on my tractor or ATV. Sometimes my dogs will corner a groundhog in a blackberry thicket and a .22 bullet makes a stew more delicious than beef stew. I really do prefer groundhog stew to beef stew. I do squirrel hunt and (10 to 1) I prefer squirrel to one of those poor Tyson chickens that never leave their cage from the time they're hatched until they're butchered. Did you ever think about how many hormones you're eating when you eat chicken? It's not normal for a fryer to develop in a few weeks. However I love free range chicken (when I can get it).

    On a related note, a couple of weeks ago I converted 10 lbs. (+/-) of deer ham into about 3+ lbs. of beer and bourbon jerky. I put some in a bag and told Bernadette to hide it so I'll have some to take to the Sampler. WARNING: I lightly sprinkle the meat with cayenne pepper (along with salt and black pepper) and along with the 12 oz. bottle of home brew, 4 oz. of bourbon, and 1 oz. of gold rum in my marinade, I add other spices and a liberal amount of habanero sauce.

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    Re: Raccoon meat making a comeback...:O

    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Marco246, I hate to ask how much extra you pay for bourbon and what the selection is in HA.

    Hmm, that pressure cooker coon might go with poi!

    The bourbon selection is pretty weak unless you like the Jim Beam line, which is thoroughly represented. Knob Creek is about $36.

    MM at Costco is $34 for 1.75L. Evan Williams SB is $32; Blanton's SB is $40. The latter is the only BT product/bottling sold here unfortunately.

    As for poi--I think if you developed a taste for it as a kid you might like it. I don't. It is bland beyond belief--I liken it to library paste. You're right, it probably would go great with pressure cooked varmint. Unlike Tennessee, where I grew up, there are no coons, possums, or squirrels here. There are rats, mongooses, and feral pigs. The latter are much prized by native Hawaiians, and dogs are considered a delicacy by one of our Asian ethnic groups. I don't think the rats and mongooses have found their way into anyone's cookpot.

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    Re: Raccoon meat making a comeback...:O

    I've never had raccoon because my Dad wasn't a coon hunter but my grandpa was big time. Dad didn't care for wild game, probably because it was what he grew up on down on the little farm and the only wild game he ever described to me was possum. Too oily he said and left it at that. But in the Ozarks BAR-B-Q coon is a celebratory dinner from what I remember. I seem to remember a lot of coon hunters but not a lot of coon killers. I always figured it was a good way to get out of the house for a night....and a good coon dog was worth his weight in gold.
    I don't drink to excess. But I'll drink to most anything else.

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    Re: Raccoon meat making a comeback...:O

    The rabies outbreak in the east is no fabrication. The state wildlife agencies in eastern Ohio, Western PA. and even WV have been annually distributing bait packs loaded with rabies vaccine to get the raccoons and skunks to eat it and slow the spread of the rabies. this has gone on for at least 5 years. In Ohio, it is actually the skunks that far and away are the biggest rabies carrying population!




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